Premium Magnets

Flat magnets produced in our company became very popular among clients who are looking for an interesting offer for cheap and massive promotional gifts. But many of them are interested in production of more exclusive version of this product. We decided to meet these expectations and included into our offer magnets Premium which stand out by their aesthetics and original design.

The materials used for production are of a high quality and the combination with magnetic foil gives an interesting effect. Such a magnet can be used for promotion of exclusive products and services.

Premium Magnets

Imprint on plastic is characterized by resistance and durability of colors. Our big experience and appropriate machinery allow printing on material of different thickness. Compared with the “regular” flat magnet this product is more stiff and “elegant”. Premium magnets can also be used for production of magnetic notepads so that they gain an additional aesthetic value.

For clients looking for a thicker product we have available magnets in “sandwich” version – between plastic and magnetic foil there is an additional foam layer which makes the product proper thick while maintaining some flexibility.