Sticker Gift

An effective way to gain customers, their affection to product or brand are all kinds of promotional campaigns involving advertising inserts attached to products. Customers react very positively to these actions, even if the gift is only symbolic. Modest gift will make the customer feels loyalty and likely in the future will choose the product again. Promotional materials can also be attached to various publications and magazines. Properly prepared, graphically attractive promotional campaign (e.g., in the form of thematic “collections”) can bring long-term benefits in terms of increased sales, consumer habits to product and manufacturer.

We offer you to produce at our company sets of advertising stickers “STICKER GIFT”, which are ideally suited for this purpose - they are very cheap, lightweight, easy to transport and distribution, possible to produce in a short time, even in several millions quantities and, above all, they are visually appealing and in very good quality. The sets are packaged in approved polybags.

The customer can prepare own design or use our wide range of ready-made designs.