Fragrance Print

The development of modern printing gives us the ability to simultaneously impact several senses including the smell of the recipient. We use for this purpose paints intended for fragrance printing.

Colorful and fragrant advertising materials are very attractive, memorable and eye-catching form of advertising.

Fragrance advertising materials emit pleasant aroma after slight rubbing of the surface - followed by the destruction of microcapsules release special fragrances. Perfumes used in our products are very durable (can give flavor for several years) and can effectively achieve this effect on different materials.

Under the influence of carefully selected aromatic fragrances customers positively evaluate the products - fragrances are in fact a source of information, association and strong emotions.

The smell used in the production of advertising materials may be associated with promoted product theme (such as the smell of “coffee” used in promotion materials of coffee producer, smell of “chocolate” on the materials of confectioner), but it is not necessary requirement - same use of scented ink creates positive associations with promoted in this way product, regardless of the industry (e.g., the smell of “mint” will evoke associations with freshness, purity, health and pleasant refreshing).

The effects of fragrances can be used practically on all of our products and can be combined with other special techniques.