Keyrings (individual shapes)

The by our company offered keyrings are made from high quality materials and available in a wide range of colors. Graphic is indicated on the polyurethane or lenticular stickers. Appropriately designed shapes, in addition to utility values, allow for clear visibility of the logo.

We do not limit our offer to the typical, standard models, and as one of the few companies offer individual shaped keyrings providing free computer visualization of a new product. Modern machinery and experienced staff enable us to perform such task from design stage, through execution of mold, on the ready made product ending.

Keyrings (standard shapes)

Our offer includes over 150 standard models of keyrings in varying size and shape. Thanks to modular, has customer the opportunity to a lot of freedom in creating of the final appearance of the product. The possibility of any compilation of components, both in terms of shape of specific details, finishing elements and colors gives the individual characteristics of purchased product and the number of possible combinations makes our offer one of the richest in the market. Under one order, there is a possibility of choice and realisation of various models, color combinations and keychains.

Sport keyrings

Our offer of sport gifts is addressed either directly to the clubs, associations and sports organizations as well as advertising and marketing agencies serving this market sector. We particularly recommend keyrings in the shape of sportswear (football, handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, hockey, cycling). Offset printing allows very precise reproduction of details of sports clothing, crests and logos of sponsors. Modular design allows great flexibility in creating of the final product’s appearance. Under one order, there is a possibility to make multiple graphic versions, which in practice allows the implementation of keyrings with different names and numbers of players.