Notepads / magnetic calendars

The emblems on the ground magnetic and magnetic notepads are part of many promotional events. This an excellent suggestion for a cheap, useful gadget and a club’s souvenir.

We offer them in 3 versions:

  • flat magnets (magnetic foil with print)
  • 3D (doming) magnets (magnetic foil printed, coated with a layer of polyurethane resin)
  • three dimensional magnets (lenticular lenses, based on the magnetic foil)
Collection of sport magnets

Magnets can be made in any size and shape. On request are individually wrapped in plastic bags tested. They can be sell / give out individually or in sets. They can create larger, systematically gathered collections (this collection can provide pictures of the current composition of players, but it also can be an excellent opportunity to recall the most distinguished figures in the club's history, successes, gained trophies and major events).

Sets of sport magnets

Another product that uses magnetic base are flat magnets. This set is a cutted magnetic sheet on whose surface there are several smaller magnets. Individual elements can be easily separated. The whole is usually packed in aesthetic plastic polybag with printed cardboard. This is an excellent choice for companies operating on the market for souvenirs and gifts of different sports clubs - a sample set may consist of the magnets representing the club crest and magnets with photos of leading players.

This set can also resemble a well-deserved figures for the club and the main event, won trophies and achieved success.


Flat magnets can be used to carry advertising puzzles. This presents a major opportunity to reach a wide range of particularly young audiences, who appreciate the fun element in the transmission of advertising. The shape and size of individual pieces of the puzzle is determined individually. Puzzles can be delivered entirely in the form of a sheet of magnetic notched with stiffening cardboard packaged. They can also be part of the promotional campaign (or loyalty program) consisting of a systematic collection of individual components separately attached to the magazine or the sports entrance ticket for the match.