"Three-dimensional" cork mats/pads/coasters

Almost every day starts with a cup of hot coffee or tea - the perfect opportunity to exist thanks to carefully selected gift in the minds of the customer or consumers.

Produced by our company cup or glass cork pad is an example of the practical use of printing technology, "three dimensional". This is useful gadgets that are used both in the workplace and in every household.

Printed (by the customer’s individual project) Lenticular foil is laminated with a layer of natural cork in thickness of 1 or 2 mm. It also provides excellent thermal insulation and protects the surface from scratches and dirt. It also provides anti-slip protection.

Pads for the hot or cold drinks can be produced in any size and shape. On request, we pack them in tested plastic bags. In this technology, we produce also big breakfast pads, mats on the desk and computer mouse pads.