We are the producer of: resin-coated stickers, advertising magnets, magnetic notepads, keyrings and other promotional articles. We also offer prints on lenticular film allowing for 3D effects to obtain unavailable in other printing techniques. The technologies we use are complementary, allowing the creation of new products and adapting them to the individual needs of our customers. Systematic search for new technological solutions, introducing new products, improve the organizational system of our company, there is constant monitoring, the quality of our products at every stage of their preparation.

In production we use the raw materials of the highest quality from reputable companies in Europe. Free service of graphic design and readiness to take any unusual challenges provide our customers the possibility to cooperate at the stage of creating a new product or advertising campaign.

Descriptions on our website do not exhaust all possible to accomplish in our company advertising products and their applications. Held by us modern machine park and a team of experienced designers and technicians ensure the highest quality of our products and allow you to accomplish even the most demanding job.

As a producer, we can offer competitive prices, short terms, creativity and flexibility in carrying out of your orders. We are happy to offer help in developing new designs and implementation of ideas, offering free of charges graphic support. For further information, price offers and samples of our products please do not hesitate to contact our marketing department.

We warmly invite you to cooperation!